Friday, September 21, 2012

The Pleasantly Awkward

Every day at 5:07ish, the janitor comes through my office to empty my garbage and chat. He's of Eastern Asian decent and, if I were to hazard a guess, I would say he's Chinese though my guess could be completely incorrect. Most of the time, I can only understand every fifth word he says but he will persist in gaining my understanding. Then he will wipe my desk (and occasionally my monitor) with a rag that smells like it's been dampened for many days. For a time, I would do everything I could to get out by five to avoid this interaction, though I would prefer to stay later and work until I'm satisfied for the day. I feel guilty for avoiding him because I feel like I'm being a jerk but the whole situation seriously stressed me out.

One day, I was forced to work late and he came in, chatty as usual. He said something that surprised me (I can't remember now) and I spun in my chair in shock. The arm of my chair caught on my phone charging cord and pulled when I spun, sending my phone flying toward the floor. The case broke open, the battery spilled out, but the phone remained unshattered.

"Oh! Oh no!" the Janitor yelled, clearly believing that this unfortunate turn of events was his fault.

"No, no, it's okay. Everything is fine. Gorilla glass! It's good! Unbreakable!" I replied as I gathered the pieces.

"Oh, no, no. Not okay, not okay," he said, as he pushed my hair aside and started massaging my upper back, "See, now good."

"Uhhh..." I sputtered, determining how to handle this situation. My first instinct was to cry out in terror and immediately reprimand him. But then my stereotyping kicked in and I was thought well, he is Asian so he is naturally blessed with his hands. And he was; that upper back/shoulder massage became the highlight of my day.

"Okay, okay, good? Yes, it's good? Some people, can't touch. You want massage anytime, I give. Some people you can't touch," he said. I had the idea that he had attempted this move before.

He left and my normally sore back felt better than ever. I returned to gchat and messaged my friend with the story.

Katrits: um, that's super weird Bexxx
Me: i
Katrits: he can't just do that!
Me: yeah, but it felt nice. is it weird that i'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow now?
Katrits: yes. definitely.

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  1. "but it felt good"