Friday, January 6, 2012

Ghosts of New Year's Past

Back to Ireland.

Since we had our adventure with the lock-in, we had:
  • Traveled to Cork to visit the Blarney Castle and kissed the Blarney Stone
    • Slaw was terrified of heights yet I still made her hang over the ledge of a castle backward (there is a noticeable gap that someone holds you over while you bend backward) to kiss a stone where a million lips have been
  • Gone on a "12 Bars of Christmas" bar crawl with some random Irish dudes in Cork
    • We made it to about 7 bars. Slaw and and I had Guinness drinking contest... I won.
  • Somehow managed to talk ourselves out of staying at a random stranger's house and catch the last train back to Dublin for New Years!

Which brings me to New Year's in Dublin. Before we went out, we bought a few beers and played drinking games with people from Ireland, Scotland, England and some non-UK countries that I can't remember. We made friends with these two guys who we'll call England and Scotland - because that's where they were from - and we barhopped with them for the night.

There was singing and laughter, drink chugging contests (some random guy started a game where you had to try to drink upside down) and it is important to note that the NYE dress that I chose was a strapless purple number from Forever 21. Hold on, I'm about to hack around my company's firewall to see if I can find a picture from my Facebook.

Ah! Here we go!
Hm, I seem to look naked in this one (also that was the weirdo with the drinking game)

Oh, I guess I'm naked in this one too (From top to bottom, England and Scotland)* 

And therein lay the problem. You see, at midnight everyone swarmed the streets and began to count down. When midnight hit, all the churches rang their bells simultaneously and everyone danced and cheered and sang some more. Slaw and I were running around and I was overheating from all the excitement so I unzipped my coat. Immediately, people began cheering and Slaw just started laughing and pointing. I stopped for a moment, fully confused, until a cool breeze hit my topless body. I looked down and realize that my top had slipped down completely and was resting jusssssst below my boobs where it no longer did me any good.

I heard someone next to me say "I LOVE AMERICANS!" so I cheered too and quickly readjusted my top. As a busty girl, I should've known better than to wear something as lofty as a strapless dress without a bra but I learned my lesson and now only wear strapless when I'm not planning on running.

The bars closed soon after and we headed back to our hostel with some Carlsbergs we picked up at a nearby convenience store. I'll keep this short and sweet, as you've probably already heard enough about Slaw's antics, but she ended up making out with Scotland HARDCORE. I mean, hands up her dress (though she was wearing leggings so nothing too raunchy), boob squeezing, tongues everywhere, making out. I know this because this charade was happening in the hostel's common area while nearly everyone who was there earlier was congregating and celebrating. It was hilarious. I took pictures, of course, but I'll spare her the shame of posting them here.

As for me, I did some light making out with England. It was gross.

*No, I don't have saggy tits. THEY'RE JUST LOW SET!

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