Friday, December 30, 2011

Pants Confusion

So you may remember my chiropractor fiasco from the other week.

Last week, I went back for my follow up appointment (where I was told I have to get an MRI because there's something wrong with my lower vertebrae, not worried though) and was brought into a private room to begin my treatment. This time I was prepared as my legs were fresh with lotion and smooth as butter.

I noticed they left the top half of the same gown that I wore last time but there were no shorts. Okay, what should I do here? I wondered to myself. There seems to be a precedent for taking pants off, because I took them off last time and there was no real reason to, even though there were shorts there.  And don't you normally take your pants off in a doctor's office? Okay, decision made. The pants are coming off.

So I took my leggings off and waited for the doctor in my gown and undies. An attendee popped in and looked at me startled, "Oh! You don't have to take your pants off!"

"Oh, no? I took them off last time..." I mumbled.

"Oh, um. Well, I can get you some shorts if you want..."

"No, no, that's fine. I'll just put my leggings back on."

"Are you sure? We definitely have the shorts if you want to leave your pants off."

"No. I'm good. Please, I'll just... leggings... I... good."

I just can't seem to get the pants situation right in this place.

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