Monday, October 17, 2011

My New Life: The Final Chapter + Pictures

Finally, I had Boyfriend bypass our broker and call the management company directly (which we later realized we probably should have done when we realized we wanted the apartment). At the last minute, they told us, yes you were approved for the apartment but surprise! It is now $50 more per month, for a grand total of $1200 for the tiny, tiny apartment. We were so excited we accepted right away and figured whatever, we'll just eat the extra $50 and buy 4 less bottles of wine per month (i.e. take off one day from drinking per month).

We asked if we could move in that weekend since that's when our lease was up but were told no... because of Hurricane Irene (which was NOT a hurricane in NYC), they wanted to check all of their buildings and would not let anyone in until they had checked over the 100 or so buildings they manage in Manhattan in Queens. For us this meant that we would have to move out on the 1st and have nowhere to go until the 6th!

So, we were homeless for a few days. We packed backpacks with a few pairs of clothes and Bananagrams and couch surfed around the greater New York area. We whittled away time in bars and coffee shops (I even ended up taking a nap in a bar at around 3:30 one day like a true homeless person) We stayed in a tiny hotel room in Brooklyn one night for under $100; in a windowless basement room of one of our friends in the LES for a case of beer and on my friend MehMeh's blow up mattress in her living room for a future boob job. MehMeh even took us to the beach! We played in the ocean! At the end of it all, I felt for homeless people...especially ones that can't go to the beach ever. I still won't give them any money on the subway though - I don't want to encourage them because it is technically against the rules.

We also spent about a grand storing and trying to retrieve our belongings from THE HORRIBLE SERVICE THAT IS PODS. NEVER USE IN A CITY!!!

When we finally got to our apartment, we had to wait an extra day to get our belongings delivered because PODS IS SO TERRIBLE. So we bought a blanket from a nearby Sealy's (got a discount because it was the shelf model!) and slept on the floor. Our apartment looked like this before the blanket:

Then we finally got our stuff, got rid of some stuff and bought some more stuff and now our apartment looks like...

[Partially because I am always obsessed with what people pay for things (because I am white trash) and partially because I am so proud of how frugal I have been, I included the prices of some of the things in my apartment. Sorry for the terrible pictures. I was going to use my digital camera because I just found the charger after like a year and a half. Then I charged it up and realized the battery wouldn't hold a charge so now I have a non-functioning digital camera again.]


Pull out Jennifer Convertible's Sofa - $60 on Craigslist
Garbage Cat - Free from street
Coasters - hand made by me from free wine corks

TV: $400 or something from Walmart
Orange Monster Print on far left - $30 by some slutty guy I know
Big city-ish looking print on far right - $55 by same whorish dude
Frame on that: FREE!
Almost all other art - FREE!
Willie Nelson Album - $1 from a yard sale
Kitchen table and chairs: Free from CL!
Flower painting: Christmas present from sister
All other art: Free!
Frame on painting below flower - $8 from thrift store
Pot Rack: $30 on CL
Pots: Free ex-roomie leftovers
Shopping cart:$25, Total gyp but very useful
Spice racks: $7 each at The Container Store

Chris' Bike - Present from Father
In fact, nearly everything in this picture was a gift
Bed: Still in negotiation (got it from a friend)
Doggy: Priceless

Our hobby shelf!
Shelf- Ikea Expedit Bookcase - $100 on CL
Records - Nearly all were free from our families or from posts on CL. People just give records away all the time! We've bought a few for $1-2 from thrift stores and a couple at full retail.
Board games - lots of money. Roughly $40 per game, if they weren't from my fam
Furbies - $5 a piece on Ebay. Lots to be had if you're creepy like BF and like these things

Dresser - Free from Chris' old house
Shelving - Free from my fam's house
Bike - Present from my father
Georgia Bulldogs Tin Poster - $2 from a street sale
10 Commandments on fridge: Free from guy in the subway

Scarf - $8 from shop in East Village
Artwork - Free

Fluxx posters - $10? I don't know - I went to check and that website is blocked at work. Awesome card game though.
Over the stove top cutting board (LIFESAVER) - $24.99 at Amazon

All artwork free except for
Seuss Print: $29 with a Groupon. Very misleading in size but I still love it.
PS. Sign up for Groupon through that link and I get money and will maybe blow you later in return.

So that's it! Tiny, pricey but I LOVE it. It only takes me 20 minutes to get to work in the morning and you can't beat that in NYC. I did learn a lesson though - probably best to start looking more than two weeks before you have to move.

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