Thursday, September 15, 2011

My New Life

So a lot has happened since I last blogged... I went on a million interviews, Boyfriend took his bar exam, we stayed in a hotel in Times Square (it was tiny but cozy and most importantly, did not have bed bugs), saw a baby get baptized, road tripped to Pburgh and the Roc, got wasted and cracked my head on a side table (and subsequently terrified my mother), reunited with some old friends, got a job, was homeless, drank a couple dozen bottles of wine, went to the beach, and moved into a new (385 sq ft studio) apartment.

See, was any of that worth individually blogging about? Probably. But I'm lazy, as everyone knows. I'll start small - with my new job and my new apartment. I had to go on three interviews to get it. So many, in fact, that before my final one, I had to buy a new outfit because I had run out of power suits. I NEEDED this job though. I figured out that if I didn't get this job, I would've had to move out of New York (we had to be out of the old house by August 30th) and back to Pburgh and live in the apt above my parents house.

I actually came to terms with it. "The Burgh wouldn't be so bad," Boyfriend and I told each other. "Maybe we could actually get jobs there!" we tried to convince ourselves. With each interview, I became more nervous. It's never taken me more than two interviews to convince a potential employer that I am the right candidate because when I shine, I sparkle. So you can imagine, I was wetting myself with each interview. Finally, I was offered the position - at more than I asked for! I was ecstatic, but tried to play it cool, and immediately rented a car and road tripped to our families estates Upstate to celebrate.

It was wonderful. We were able to see Boyfriend's mom get a BEAUTIFUL diamond ring, eat some delicious food in Roc and generally enjoy ourselves. In Peebs, I was able to see my overseas friend one last time, go to Walmart, enjoy some cheap drinks and NOT see my younger sister's psycho boyfriend (more on that later).

Then we got back to NYC (btw, driving sucks and I want to live here forever so I never have to drive again) and we realized that we had about 10 days to find a new place and only 4 days before I started my new job. 10 days may not sound like a long time but in NYC, this is not unusual for low-level apartments (which was just about in our price range). We were trying to move to BK because that's where my friends live and that's where shit happens now a days.

It sucked. Don't be fooled because Brooklynites have about 12 inches of Brooklyn dick down their throat so they can't see how terrible it is around the cock. Seriously, just try to mention a slightly negative thing about Brooklyn and see how they react. Anyway, in our price range ($1100/mo for a studio or 1 bed if we were lucky) we were in horrible areas. Areas that were supposedly "up and coming" but were mostly just scary or really, really deep in Brooklyn. One place that we looked at was $1050 and a basement apartment in East Bed-Stuy. The water heater and the circuit breaker for the building were both in the apartment.

I asked the guy who showed us the apt, "So, if something goes wrong with the water heater or the circuits, someone would have to come into our apartment?" "Hmm," he replied, "I don't know...that's something I would have to look into." I scoffed. "Don't bother, I already know the answer and it is yes. This is not going to work for us." He tried to convince us that we were missing out on something great but I was not going to settle for something like that.

So we continued our search. Another problem we encountered was people posting ads maybe an hour earlier and then when we called, the broker would say the apartment was already rented but have you heard of Brownsville? It's up and coming!

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