Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let the people speak!

And by people, I of course mean myself.

I am referring to the fact that all of my roommates - including my boyfriend - are currently studying for the bar exam. I incorrectly assumed this would be similar to studying for the just kind of do it in your spare time and do whatever else most of the time.

Instead they are studying all the time AND talking about it all the time as well. And sometimes I want to fucking say something!!

For example, the other day I wanted to point out that I had the same unfortunately thin and frizzy hair as a girl on tv. I was desperate as a virgin on prom night to share this relevant fact and get some godforsaken attention but my roommates were involved in some law conversation. It was all "blah, blah, blah...statutes and legal nonsense." Meanwhile, I was all, "Please stop talking so I can share this interesting and relevant fact about my hair!"

For some reason this keeps happening during tosh.0...that skinny, sexy, piece of shit must be inspirational to me. Also do you know how old Daniel Tosh is? I'll give you a bit to guess.

I eventually got to share my fun fact but it just felt forced...dirty...even desperate. If only I could have the courage to share my thoughts anytime. Probably time to do some more day drinking.

Anyway, I'm heading back to hometown tomorrow to watch my little sister graduate from high school and reconnect with my roots, including some old friends. No promises about blogging about it because I'm not the type to follow through on promises...I mean I am (half) puerto rican.

And 36. Daniel Tosh is 36. I know! I'm shocked too!

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