Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Graduations are Boring and Other Awkward Moments

This past Sunday, my boyfriend graduated from law school. Contrary to what I was lead to believe, this does not give me financial security instantly. In fact, financial security might be in the very distant future. *Sigh*

My parents came down for the graduation and met Boyfriend's parents for the first time. Good times were had by all. On the way to the actual graduation, I was complaining to my parents about how graduations are unbearably, and unnecessarily SO LONG. Then I revealed that I was not TOO worried about keeping myself entertained because the Dunkin Donuts cup I was holding? It was actually filled with Mimosa! "I knew that wasn't coffee!!!" my step-dad exclaimed while my mom deemed me"very clever."

It didn't pay off later, however, when I met my roommate's parents. His parents are separated (but on good terms) which I am well aware of. I saw him speaking to a man earlier who brought Roomie some fatherly gifts.

During the instance, Roomie introduced me to his mom and the guy standing next to her - the man from earlier. I greeted them appropriately and then was blindsided by a man standing in my blindspot. "Hi, I'm [Roomie]'s father."

"OH!" I replied, "Because I thought that HE," while I gestured toward the other guy, "was his father...because you know...YOU were at the house earlier so I ASSUMED but obviously, (turning back to the real father) YOU'RE his dad, because you said so... so. Yeah. That was a good graduation, huh? I'm just not going to say anything else."

This is almost word for word, with no hyperbole. No one said anything. And everyone just slowly walked away. And another chapter in my social awkwardness was born.

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