Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Addendum: The T-Mobile Fiasco

There is a little part I left out of my story yesterday because I felt it highlights a little too much of the hot mess I am.

Prior to purchasing the painting, we walked by a T-Mobile (roughly 4:30 PM) and I mentioned to Boyfriend that he should go in and ask for a replacement battery. His G1 phone's battery had crapped out about a month back and because he is lazy, he had yet to do anything to fix it. He just suffered with a ghost of a phone rather than making moves.

Ignoring our incredibly inebriated state, I felt this was the perfect time to rectify this situation. At first Boyfriend protested but I wore him down and we stumbled inside the store.

"Hi, doyou haf any gshee one badderies?" I calmly asked the lone attendee in the back of the store.

"Why, yes we do!" he replied as he began reaching down under the counter and pulling a G1 battery out. "Here, give me your phone," he said to Boyfriend.

I smugly looked over to Boyfriend and nodded, happy that we were finally doing this and it was going to be free, even though he argued we would have to pay for it.

"Alright, we're just gonna slip this new battery in annnnnnnnd there! That will be sixty dollars."

"WHAT! THAT'S RIDICULOUS!" I yelled, growing increasingly angrier by the millisecond. "WE DON'T WANT IT" I screamed as I slapped the unit out of his hand and onto the floor. After Boyfriend picked up the newly strewn pieces, I snatched the battery out of his hand and threw it back at the highway robber. "I HAVE VERIZON AND THEY WOULD NEVER MAKE ME PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT IS THEIR FAULT! Come on, [Boyfriend], let's get out of this shithole!"

I charged out of there as Boyfriend followed in my steamy wake. He's so lucky to have me to fight his battles for him.

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