Friday, July 9, 2010

The Others

I promised that I would share the rest of my Facebook responses so here there are, though none of them made me nearly as angry as Dimple.

Culprit: Former Swim Buddy

Background: Not much, she defriended me a while ago. I noticed, never said anything, until now. We were friends for a long time, so I was pretty shocked.

dearest becka
The defriend was in an attempt to remove myself from the face book world (about a year ago) my plan was to
A)defriend everyone
B) detag
C) deativate
Defriending everyone tho was a long process of click back refresh click again and then half way through I started getting messages similar to this and realized that i couldn't leave the cyber world because people depended on looking at my facebook picture, because that is all I have on here and some status updates. So i was foced to keep it but didn't go back and friend anyone figures they would find me when the time was right.
I hope that we can rekindle our facebook friendship. I hope my friend request is just the start

Review: Pretty much what I expected but I'm mighty glad to have her back as a friend. Now I can go back to publicly acknowledging her.

Culprit: "Sheesha"

Background: Friends with my home friends. Went to a party at her house so felt like I had to friend her. Saw her at Zuke's (the absolute best sandwich place in the world, unfortunately located in my hometown) a couple weeks ago and we mutually did not acknowledge each other, though I did make a slight attempt to get her attention (i.e. I intensely looked at her).

Response: becka! lil iv never goten one of these msgs did u write it yourself? Iv just been deleting people i dont really talk to on facebook, nuttin personal... sometimes i feel I post too much and pple dont like it, but add me again if u liked being my fb friend lol :)

Review: I don't care about this loss. I just wanted to see if she would say something honest. I mean, it's a little coincidental that she defriended me the day after I didn't acknowledge her, right? Regardless, I don't give a fuck because her status updates are always about getting wasted but some of them are truly pathetic. Example: "OMG! Woke up at 7 am on a cement slab behind Devin's house HAHAHAHAHA that's when you know had a good night!"* Also, asking me to friend her again? Ridiculous.

After receiving a 75% response rate, I think I will send the message out to everyone who defriends me. I just hope they don't think it's a form letter like Sheesha seems to think. On that note, if anyone reading this blog finds themselves getting defriended en masse, I give you full use privileges or whatevsss to send this out and get some fudgin' answers! I'm also hoping this gets really awkward in the future when I inevitably run into these people.

*Yes, I am aware I am a total hypocrite. If you can believe it, my hypocrisy is even worse in person.

PS. A stray kitten showed up to Boyfriend's house last night. I'm in love with him. His name is Morty or Morti, if he's a lady kitty. Heartless Boyfriend, while also in love with Morty/i, has no problem with kicking my delicate, loving, sweet pussy back into the wild Jamaica streets. Seriously, he is the most loving cat in the whole world. He even loves Doggy!

*Doggy ~ My Bed Buddy*

*Morty ~ My Snugglebums*

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