Thursday, July 8, 2010

Forgive Me, But Dimple is a Pretty Shitty Name

I am a bad blogger. I haven't posted since June 30th! In my defense, my life has been HELLA busy with quitting my job, getting wasted on the beach, getting drunkenly lost on Long Island and calling my boyfriend's parents and my parents (and demanding to get picked up and brought home, a roughly 16 hour trip that my mom REFUSED to make because she doesn't love me), battling a shame-filled hangover, going on -and later off- the wagon and starting my new job. Plus it was like, mad hot here this weekend. NYC even said that we should stay inside, run the AC and lounge to the max. How am I supposed to get my lounge lizard on AND blog at the same time?

So, I will relay the results of my Facebook challenge. I decided to send it to 4 people; 2 of whom had recently defriended me and 2 of whom had defriended me awhile ago but I never understood why. Kelsey Adams (didn't fully understand why she defriended me) never responded. 3 others did, with varied results; it's my belief two of them were lying.

Culprit: Dimple, current girlfriend of my college friend, CoCo.
In college, MehMeh decided she was in love with CoC0. (who is a dude, despite his dainty nickname)(also, she discovered this love while dating a guy named Chris. MehMeh decided that she no longer wanted to date or even physically SEE Chris...while he was visiting her in Buffalo. Determined to pursue CoCo, she sent Chris home on an early flight, so she could successfully get her prowl on.) After discovering her love, she immediately and repeatedly had liaisons with CoCo, passionate liaisons that they both thoroughly enjoyed. CoCo, however, was long-distance-dating Dimple the whole time. Eventually Dimple visited and he confessed everything. She understandably hated MehMeh but she also hated me for some reason. She inexplicably did not hate our other roommate, Slaw. So while she friend requested Slaw on FB, she never requested me, forcing me to break my rule and request her (dear God, I am petty). She accepted and from then on I tried to be polite and not talk about how even though her boyfriend promised her he would never liaison with MehMeh again he was TOTALLY DOING IT ALL THE TIME! You can't imagine how hard it was for me to keep that to myself. I figured she deserved it for being so stupid. Despite my friendliness, she never warmed up to me and about a month ago (3 years after this all went down) she defriended me. I was SHOCKED. I mean, why did she stop doing the friend dance where we all spin around and curtsy and make polite conversation?? Initially, I thought she was removing people she didn't talk to but I noticed that Boyfriend and Slaw were both still friends with her, negating my theory. So I messaged her.

To be quite honest I didn't think you ever looked at my FB or cared. I was trying to narrow down my facebook friends by deleting people I didn't know or I didn't think would even notice and of course I didn't end up deleting everyone that falls into that category. Its not anything personal. I would gladly reaccept a friend request now if you would like to remain friends.

Sorry if I offended you..


Review: SRRRRRSLY?? (yes, I am so angry that I am compelled to use LOLspeak) Snatchbag will REACCEPT a friend request? Bitch please. She's just lucky that I'm not posting the absolutely pathetic Facebook message she sent to CoCo (that I may or may not have lifted from his FB account when I successfully hacked it) after ruefully forgiving him.

Okay, just this one post is so long that now I need to do the other two responses in another post. Tomorrow, I promise, I'll be good now!

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