Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brief Updates

  1. I am going to quit my internship. I mean to do it today but I haven't figured out how to properly quit an internship after two weeks, despite my multiple googlings of this phrase.
  2. I'm doing it because my brief period of humbleness has expired and I remembered I'm too good to be working for free.
  3. I feel a little bad especially because they just had an intern (2010 graduate) start and then quit within a week.
  4. I'm jealous of her. She's out and she had the balls to do it with just a letter.
  5. People have found my blog via the following googled terms: Bexxx Indian, Bexxx Pussy, Race Relations, and the sluts next door . blogspot. I think this is a bad sign.
  6. Bexxx Indian reminds me of when my high school bff, Snags, used to say I had "injun hair".
  7. I refriended a girl after I called her out on my blog for defriending me. Then I suspect she googled her name, found my blog, and re-defriended me. Many apologies to her.
  8. Morti is a girl and here to stay! She is basically a house cat now but we let her outside to go to the bathroom because no one wants to deal with a litter box. She is the best cat in the world but cats are still lamer than dogs.
  9. Is it bad that when I hear someone start to talk about God or religion, I want to throw up all over them?

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