Monday, July 12, 2010

The Best One Thus Far

Well. Most of the responses from my Facebook message have been like "just removing people I don't talk to," which is generally total bullshit in my eyes. For example, after lounging and day drinking with MehMeh at Robert Moses this weekend, I wanted to show her a picture of Chelsey Gebo to show a good example of a girl who had been thin in high school and was now a five foot version of the Michelin Man. Miss Gebo, once a thin, athletic-type, now looks as though she eats a Thanksgiving meal every day and then stuffs her face with cotton balls. When I went to present this hilarity, I realized Chelsey defriended me but that we still had 215 friends in common...too many to be removing people she no longer talks to.

I sent her the message and she simply replied, "I am just unfriending people I fell out of contact with over the years... Nothing personal."

Not to be lied to, I replied, "Good to hear. Glad we have over 200 friends in common that you have kept in touch with! That's impressive!" My only regret is my use of the passive voice. UGH!

But I digress. I was later directed to look at the FB page of this ridiculous guy I went to high school with. He is definitely battling some demons and is not afraid to update his status detailing said demons. Anyway, when I went to look, I was not surprised to find that he had removed me; I commented on a couple of his statuses in the past telling him to stop whining and get his life together. The best part, though, was his response:

"nothing personal just was trying to clear up people I know didnt really care to speak to me. I recently had a girl have and abortion and it broke my heart and it made me realize i wasnt a good person during the past years of my life just thought i needed to disappear"

Well. Pretty sure that is the best, most informative, reason thus far.

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