Thursday, June 10, 2010

When One Door Opens, Another One Closes

Remember how I was basically doing whatever I wanted at work and STILL could not get fired? Well, they literally do not care because...the company is moving its offices to Canton, MA in September.


While I previously wanted nothing more than to be fired, I realize now that's impractical because I do not have a sustainable savings. My parents also failed in providing me a trust fund so I will have a hard time living off the interest and loping around Brooklyn with my hipster friends. Thus, I am nervous about resigning my lease and ending up without a job and rent due.

I think this forces me into moving to Jamaica (Queens... not as fun as the island, but just as dangerous) with Boyfriend. We get to share a tiny bedroom! I get give up my happening Astoria location! He gets to experience the frustration of cramming my sloppy hot mess ass into his meticulous personal space! It should be a hoot for all the involved parties.

I'm trying to look at the silver lining of this. I mean, now I can live rent free and dedicate all of my time to job hunting, (and tanning) which may be exactly what I need to get my life on track. Until then, I will just try to avoid throwing myself off the Brooklyn Bridge. I'll update either way!

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