Monday, June 28, 2010

Defriending: The Reaction

I can't idly stand by and just let people defriend me anymore. I NEED to know why people hunt me down and choose me to defriend. For example, a girl I've known since at least 3rd grade defriended me the other day. We weren't close friends but I don't remember ever explicitly insulting her nor could I remember any extraordinarily offensive status updates recently. I initially thought that maybe she was just going through and removing anyone who she was SUPER close to. I can accept that; I've done similarly. But I noticed that we still had 157 friends in common! That is nowhere near the number of people that I know who are also her CLOSE friend.

So I need to know her reason. I decided to compose a form letter to start sending to people who defriend me. The plan is to send it to someone as soon as I notice they defriend me. I may even send it to some old unsolved cases. This is my first draft (feel free to add suggestions):

Dear (Defriender):

Thanks for the friendship but I'm sorry that it recently ended! We had some good times and some bad times but apparently more bad than good, as evidenced by your recent defriending. I was wondering if there was a particular reason you chose to specifically end our friendship via Facebook. Please be as candid as possible! If you need some help, I provided some common reasons.

A) Offensive status updates (please be more specific if possible)
B) Unlady-like behavior
C) General dislike of my person
D) I personally offended you/your honor in some situation (please describe offense if possible)
E) Your friend list has been whittled down to just your extremely close friends and family

Obviously, this does not cover all the reasons so if yours is unique, just let me know! Again, I'm sorry that it had to come to an end but I wish you the best in life.Thanks for your time and comments!

Your former cyber friend,


I just sent this out to a crap load of people who defriended me so hopefully I get at least a couple of responses. Law of Averages and what not.

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